There are two weeks to Christmas and, in our cities, the frenzy of Christmas shopping has unleashed, like every year. In this period more than any other, what customers of a shopping center or supermarket are looking for is to find a parking space nearby and just do shopping without worries. But how can you create a car park to welcome your customers making sure that they always find space available?
The answer is simple: you need a barrier system for parking management that is reliable, intuitive for end users, easy to maintain, and, which doesn’t hurt, even cheap.
Our parking management solution youPark combined with the Park & Shop suite has been specifically designed to meet these needs and, thanks to its flexibility and the competence of our staff, can be customized to adapt to any specific request.

What to consider when planning a private parking for your customers

Of course, designing a customer car park for a supermarket or shopping center is not easy: it is important to know what the spaces are and how to use them in the most efficient and safe way, but you also need to know the customer habits and the context in which the new car park is introduced. All this without forgetting the management needs of the shopping center and of the individual businesses pertaining to it or of the supermarket operator. Of course, everything must be made according to current regulations.
For all this you definitely need a pro; and the staff of Viatron, thanks to its over ten years experience in area management for regulated parking, can help you study and implement your project.
Some preliminary assessments, however, can be done by yourself considering the conformation of the space at your disposal.
First of all, it is necessary to understand how many are (or will be) the access and exit points of the parking area. This allows you to correctly size the number of gates and barriers that will have to be installed. Of course, also knowing the number of places that will be managed by the system is one of the first information to be defined.
Then you need to get an idea of how parking time validation will be managed: directly at the supermarket checkout, through an automatic checkout or with some other customized system?
For this purpose, it is also important to clarify the ideas on the pricing policy: always free for customers, or paid-for after a maximum period of time?
Another question to ask is whether the car park will be accessible only to customers or whether staff or suppliers will also be able to use it. This will allow to establish if it is necessary to provide different types of users with different access rights.

Viatron is by your side

Whatever the answer to these questions, Viatron staff and its parking management systems are able to answer all your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free advice.